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I had a smile on my face this morning, as I looked up from my bowl of cereal, realizing that my flowers had opened. Chadd had brought them home for me, his response to a difficult moment I had on Thursday.

As I positioned the iPad to take a quick picture, I realized how much “home” there is in this picture. I guess, subconsciously, I’ve been thinking about the move, and how to make the house seem most attractive, but the beauty in this picture is that every single item in that photo is so very dear only to me.

When we show this home, the only thing on the Danish teak hutch will probably be the Hannemann platter. The photo from our wedding day, and the sketch from Disney World will be packed away, as will the photo of Sonja “high-fiving” the dog that made it into the Winnipeg Free Press. The print of the Carta Marina map may stay on the wall, because it is arty; but the fact that it was a gift for Chadd at Christmas because it was the first commissioned map of the Scandinavian countries (and him having been a Geography major in university) will remain our secret. The Finnish bowl that my aunt found for me in a thrift shop, and the decorative plate brought back from my mom’s trip to Portugal will be wrapped up in bubble wrap, (most likely along with those pine cones from Québec) as will be the Mors Dag 1977 plate that was thrifted from a shop in Denmark during my mother-in-law’s last visit. I suppose the stitched Hardanger will just be wrapped in tissue, and find its way into a box marked “decorative stuff.”

There is going be a few boxes marked “decorative stuff.” Logically, those boxes will not be the first thing unpacked in the new house, but they will, I dare say, be the ones I look forward to the most.

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2 Responses to in this snapshot

  1. knitsofacto says:

    I always think it such a pity that to sell a home one has to depersonalise it … it wasn’t always thus. And it’s fascinating to see the things that people hold dear :)

  2. olallieberry says:

    What a lovely post Laura. There is no greater beauty is than that which is in our own eyes and hearts.

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