progress report week 22


Busy, busy week. If life was a cup, it would have spilled over long since!

Over the weekend, (the wildly windy weekend!) Elena won gold with her softball team. It was a really good moment, to see the great sportsmanship, teamwork and love of the game as they hoisted the trophy above their heads.

While she was at her ball practice on Friday, us other three took a bike ride to the house lot, the grocery store, and then went for a walk in the woods near our neighbourhood. It’s a very nice trail in among the trees, beside a slough, and meandering alongside and over a creek. The frogs in the pond were making the best noise in the world, and we also saw a family of foxes, the mama keeping a watchful eye on the humans, as well as her four cubs. A local wood carving artist has decorated the trails with “wood spirits” in the deadfall, and it was fun to keep an eye out for those, while enjoying all the wild berry bushes in bloom, and the bright green of the new leaves.

In between work, and trying to keep up with the contractors and church and other commitments, we’ve managed a bike ride out to the new house site every day…and every day something new is done. Today, the forms for the basement walls are being delivered. It’s thrilling to be able to track the progress, and know what’s coming next!

And speaking of next…with the one sunny day (off from work) in the forecast, the garden centre awaits! (After one quick call to another contractor…!)

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