this didn’t do what I wanted it to


Just not good, people, not good at all.

Oh, I know it looks just great. But…I’m going to have to do something that I’ve never done before, and that is to rip the sock back to “just yarn” and begin all over again, with new yarn and new colours and a stitch count that will be quite a few less than what I am currently working with.

I was so excited about this sock. The vibrant, well contrasting colours that worked so well with the pattern, the interest of braid and colourwork, and all the yarn came from the bin under the bed. But it’s just no good. The yarn is horribly unsuited for a sock, somehow, with too tight a twist. Instead of being soft and “springy,” the result is saggy, yet with hard ridges that stretch in a uncomfortable way. The heel was new to me, but sadly isn’t one that fits my foot. And since the socks were meant for Elena’s folk costume, back to square one (with modifications) is where you’ll find me.


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2 Responses to this didn’t do what I wanted it to

  1. Monica says:

    oh what a shame… annoying as it is… it’ll be worth the extra effort!

  2. knitsofacto says:

    What a pity because the colours are so pretty, but I like the new colours too. I’ll be interested to see the finished socks with that braiding :)

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