smell the flowers, find the bugs


Bugs, flowers, bunnies, weeds…
Lunches, commuting, bills, groceries…
Baseball, appointments, and a desk job…
Logix, cement, backfill and floors…
Birthdays and Father’s Day…

And the weather is holding. And the socks are still being knit.

Things are good right now. We are about to have our last regular softball game of the season, which means that our Monday and Wednesday nights will be spent at home once more. There is still playoffs, and provincials and many more practices, but the weeknights will be ours once again.
The weekday schedule has changed however, and I’m now spending my days in a blur of typing and phone calls as I pretend to be the world’s most efficient secretary at Chadd’s office. I’m filling in (a bit unexpectedly) for the regular secretary, and since I know how the office runs (sort of), I’m the best candidate for the job (for a month.)
There is an upside and a downside to having to be the one to fill in; the hours are very accommodating to me having an hour or so at the allotment on the way home from work (I bring the digging fork, gloves and a change of clothes in the trunk), but…I hate so very much sitting in front of a computer all day.
So now that I’m chained to a desk for most of the day, I’m very happy to spend all of the rest of it weeding the allotment and squishing the bugs on the roses, drenching myself in mosquito repellant, and going for bike rides.
Bike riding, to the the new basement that now has concrete in between the Logix forms; bike riding with Elena who got a brand new Nutcase watermelon helmet for her 13th birthday and looks so cute in it. So fun to mosey along the bike paths together.
And in the midst of it all, a bit of sock knitting that is keeping me happy and calm. Socks, I’ve discovered, are the perfect counterpoint to building a house. Sock knitting is quick, the different parts of the sock are interesting and easy to complete, each portion completed gets you closer to the toe, they are portable, and the materials purchased result in a soft, comforting, completed project. And I can do it all by myself, no weather or contractors required.
And so it goes; flowers, bugs and all.

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2 Responses to smell the flowers, find the bugs

  1. Olallieberry says:

    Gorgeous lilac photo. Hope you are managing everything okay, looking forward to hearing more about how your house is coming along, so excited for you!

  2. knitsofacto says:

    If I’m ever having a house built – seems unlikely, but you never know – I shall remember the sock advice.

    You’re keeping a lot of balls in the air just now … hope there’s nothing so stressful that an hour on the allotment can’t sort it.

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