finishing june


At the beginning of the year, Elena had a metal Star Wars lunch box. By the end of the year, only brown paper bags went to school with her. But she has a very artistic friend, so I don’t mind.

One more day until the school year is done, one more day until Elena’s much delayed birthday party (the thirteenth one), and one more day until the holiday long weekend. I wish this weekend would find me sitting back, enjoying the fireworks for Canada Day, but we’ll be a bit too busy. A wedding and the Folklorama kick-off celebration is on the agenda…both will be lovely and fun, and if I manage to get some weeding done at the allotment on Saturday, it will pretty much end up being the perfect weekend. (Including the fact that it takes almost two hours to get out to Gimli, where the wedding is being held, so I will get good knitting time in, too!)

These last two weeks have been pulling me in all directions, and I’d prefer not to ramble on about it…but I feel compelled to note that this is the first year that the teachers will not be getting a homemade end-of-year thank you gift. Usually it is strawberry jam and cream scones, but this year it is bought presents, which I am desperately hoping will not find their home at the back of a shelf somewhere. That very reason was always the impetus behind handmade, edible gifts…but this year I couldn’t quite make it happen. So, it was a globe for M’sieur and a scarf for Madame; and next year I will be baking scones in the new kitchen in June. I promise.

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One Response to finishing june

  1. knitsofacto says:

    I love the lunch bag!

    That house is coming on! You must be so excited, if somewhat frazzled!!

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