3 weeks in


A lot of early mornings.

There are benefits, of course. Watching the blue morning glories unfold. Listening to the kestrels calling to each other as they swoop from roof top to roof top. Getting two rows done on the sock before having to get up an investigate what the puppy has in his mouth.

I am not a morning person, although I want to be, and honestly, this morning gig is better in the summer than it would be in the winter. Of course, it would be even better with coffee, but most mornings it is just easier to start the day by bring everything out to the back patio…the dog, the dog bed, the bones, a jacket, a blanket and the knitting, so that we manage his busy-ness without me worrying about him messing in the house (while my back is turned making coffee). The dog bed is awesome for keeping him off the cold patio stones while he chews his bone (I know, I’m such a mother!) and the blanket is awesome for me.

The early mornings are not leading to more productive days, but we did get some stuff done on the weekend that made me happy. Chopping off part of the overgrown vine on the house (the part that was growing into the windows) and getting the weeds chopped at the allotment, too. Do I admit to the weeds getting out of control enough to use a whipper-snipper? It was fun. So far, we’ve taken one tomato and a bag of cucumbers off the garden. The peas are only productive enough to eat a handful at a time, and the deer have eaten the beans. But the kale and beets look lovely, and the zucchini has five small ones on it. The pickling cucumbers are looking promising.

But the garden has taken a back seat to everything else. It’s been tricky getting out there, since Elena doesn’t like being left alone with the puppy all day. We are still juggling work at Chadd’s office, since his secretary will be away for one more month. Life is getting in the way!

We visited the new house twice this weekend, and forgot the camera both times. I have to remedy that situation soon…the roof is almost on! We are so happy with the process so far.

And the lavender is blooming…


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