raced past without me


Sent the kids off to school today.

The dog is at the front door, watching the kids playing on lunch break, running around on the playground. He’s never seen that before. Who are these little creatures who are making so much noise? How did he never notice them there before?

He’s nudging the leash with his nose. It’s a nice day for a walk, breezy but hot.

And I am sitting here thinking…what happened to my summer?

Because it’s gone, folks, and boy was it busy. So much was passing in a schedule of one day into the next, and trying to fit it all in, and work with the obligations. Some really good moments stand out, and for me, they are the ones where we cleaned up the house in a quick, mad scramble, and put on a spread of steak and beer, or crepes and mimosas for our friends. There is a happy realization that if, in a summer this busy, the best times were spent with friends, then we really have made the best decision in building a bigger house for entertaining.

And it is coming along, the house, with front steps, now; and a garage floor and windows and shingles and almost all the electrical and duct work, not to mention the plumbing and the pipes. The drywall will go up in a jiffy, as soon as the wrap and wire are on the house. Pictures, soon; a photo update is wayyyyy over due.

I have to be ready to move along into autumn; I have to get ready to move and all that great stuff. Clean up what’s left here, and get ready to put it all back together at the new house. Summer may have raced past without me, so I’ll just have to keep looking forward…because at this rate, Christmas will be here before I know it!

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