the dog’s idea of a walk


The dog is trying to encourage me to take him for a walk, but he is absolutely awful if only one person takes him on the leash; he needs two walkers to keep him moving forward, so it’s out of the question. Most of his time “walking” is spent lounging in the grass, or taking in the scenery. And it’s not just me; the photo above is evidence Elena collected from their last walk together.

It’s a drab, grey day today, and this head cold I have is not exactly a great motivator, but I do like lists on a “must-do” day like today, so I am writing down all the absolutely-driving-me-nuts things around the house. Everything from the grotty shower curtain to the smudges under the window, and the window sills outside…that is the plan of attack. With occasional knitting breaks thrown in for good measure!

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2 Responses to the dog’s idea of a walk

  1. knitsofacto says:

    I have a dachshund who feels rather the same about walks … guess it’s a short legs thing ;)

  2. Francesca says:

    i have a grotty shower curtain problem too, and am debating a replacement: from a UK furniture store (Pounds) located in France (Euros), I’m trying to decide whether I should go for it, or buy the super cheap and ugly market curtain. grotty shower curtains can indeed drive one nuts! :)

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