non disclosure (or, what I wanted to say was…)


There are things around here that don’t get documented.

Some of them make me smile, like the fact that the puppy is a pouncing type, and has a fetish for socks. Clean, dirty, stinky; doesn’t matter. There is nothing funnier than a basset with a daddy-size sock hanging out of his mouth, pretending that he doesn’t. He is also getting much better at walking on leash, but I did have a woman approach me today (while Odin and I were walking) and tell me that she had seen me with him on the path last week, and her whole family had been howling with laughter at my attempts to “encourage him along” by boosting his bottom!

Some of the things not mentioned happen every summer, like the garden allotment, and Folklorama. But I’m too lazy to share a link about Folklorama, and I was too tired during that week to feel like picking up the camera to photograph it. I was also not wearing my knee-high hand-knit folk dance socks, which made me frustrated and vaguely disheartened every time our dance group took to the stage, for the three (and sometimes four) times a night during the entire week. You see, the dance bag that they were in got pinched before the very first show on the very first day. Why someone would steal a powder-pink child’s dance bag is beyond me, but there is was, gone. Sad. The yarn had been a gift from Elena; the pattern carefully selected to compliment the costume. Not to mention the time they took to knit. Sad.

Some things that were going on, weren’t going on for stretches of time (hello, house) and then progress would surge forward faster than I could take note of it during daylight hours (hello, house) because I was told (very nicely) that for the most part, I should not make contact with the tradesmen. As a result, I do know that the house is very pretty by sunset and moonlight, as are the night-time views from the girls’ massive bedroom windows. Their vantage point at the front of the house is enviable, as they can see both the football stadium and the university across the river.

Some of the things aren’t really things, but still bear saying: I am very happy doing this home building project with my husband. We are great together. We are also in the process of trying very, very quickly to get our current house ready for sale, and because of the many, many unexpected events that transpired over the summer, we are not quite there yet. But we met with the realtor, we have lists, and we are going to work at it (all four of us, including one basset wrangler!) and we will get it done. The carpet cleaners are coming on Monday, the extra front step got installed today, the leaking kitchen tap got switched out by a good friend of ours. And I really, really understand now that painting is almost impossible to do without a basset wrangler!

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2 Responses to non disclosure (or, what I wanted to say was…)

  1. knitsofacto says:

    The wrangling bit sounds so familiar … getting stuff done here often requires that one of us be appointed whippet wrangler for the day … and of course we have five of them!

  2. planetcoops says:

    Oh No! Sock disaster!
    Glad the house is coming along well, though. I’m sure you’re looking forward to getting in there in daylight.

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