I have disappeared


I am feeling a bit displaced.

The house is now on the market, and the days leading up to October 1st were frantically full of last minute fixings, tidyings and trips to the storage locker. We are now living in a freakishly clean house, and while it looks lovely, I can’t find anything. Not only that, but if anything is actually used in the process of living in the house, my eye starts to twitch until everything is tidy again, because “you can’t let them see the house that way!

So, when the realtor calls and announces a showing, the dog food is hidden behind the furnace, the kennel gets broken down and put over the neighbours’ fence, the clean and tidy police have their tour of the house; and I load the dog dishes, basket, extra food and water, leash and dog into the car, and disappear for more than a few hours to a neighbour’s back yard…the dog park…a car ride…until the appointed time of return.

Being told “things are looking promising” doesn’t mean much when the house has only been on the market for five days, but the ones in our price range typically sell in about ten. So the limbo won’t last much longer. We’ll be fine, but I may have to disappear for a while again!

P.S. The photo is of an endangered snail habitat in Banff. I can’t find the snail, either.

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1 Response to I have disappeared

  1. Francesca says:

    hope your house sells soon, Laura! i dream of the day i have my own house, but rentals do have a few advantages …

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