pretty and practical


The pretty and practical belongs to the three pairs of socks I am knitting at the moment.

The rest is just a bit of random mess, namely:

The moon was absolutely beautiful as I drove to the dealership at 7:00 on Friday morning to get the flat tire fixed.

I am fighting a cold with lemon and honey in hot water, but I’d rather it be a hot toddy.

The yoga we did this week cured my back lower back pain. Something about tight hamstrings.

I have been trying to keep the back yard beautiful by draping all the plants in blankets at night. Mostly it has stayed above freezing, but there have been some frosty ones. Tonight, they are talking about snow.

We have had a showing almost every day since putting the house on the market. No offers yet.


There is another open house tomorrow.

The Annual Basset Walk is tomorrow as well, and this year our basset will not be calm, dignified and smart. He will be Odin.

The kitchen cabinets are in. They are beautiful. The exterior is finished and we have a poured driveway. The water got hooked up yesterday.

I have been hearing a quiet ticking sound for the last two hours. Turns out, a lady bug is flying around the kitchen light, and every time her wings hit the glass shade, it makes a that noise. Mystery solved; I can go to bed now.

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2 Responses to pretty and practical

  1. planetcoops says:

    Sock pictures, please!
    I hope the open house went well. Hang in there.

  2. rusty duck says:

    Snow! Oh my goodness.
    Good luck with the house open day. It can be frustrating waiting for a buyer, I know. But it sounds like there is plenty of interest so soon it will come.
    Get well soon!

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