good hearts, good people


The yard clean-up begins today, and I suppose this process would be much, much easier if the house was already sold. I wouldn’t be second-guessing how to re-arrange the few that are left so that the back yard still looks good for our open house this weekend. (And wondering where to store the “empties”!)

We almost weren’t going to have another showing this weekend; the realtor having claimed to be all booked and too busy. My good friend helped me stand my ground; and very politely insist that since this is the last weekend in October, an open house would be a very good idea, and we were more than happy to have one of his associates represent us on either Saturday or Sunday, and realistically an open house is much more convenient for us since it is booked in advance. And so we have our open house on Saturday from one o’clock until three.

In the meantime, we have had so many showings that I have lost count. The stress of bundling the dog and kennel out of the house is starting to make itself felt. Odin seems to understand that we are not just “going for a walk” and gets pretty upset at the whole process. Tuesday evening, the dog and I were able to spend that hour or so at my boss’s house. The puppy was on his best behaviour the whole time. By which of course I do mean that he ran in and out of the house through the patio door (once crashing into it), got tangled in the vertical blinds like a harness, ran up the stairs and raided the clean laundry basket (he is partial to underwear and socks), and was chased through the house with his trophy of a black sock dangling from his jowls. He raced around the house looking for his ball, and when my boss took a look under the couch, the puppy jumped on his head and barked in his ear. (The dear man wears hearing aids, and I’m sure that just about finished his left ear!)

I thought we had just about wore out our welcome, and was heading to the front door with the leashed animal, when my boss stopped me in my tracks by saying, “You don’t have to go, you know.”

Bless good friends, and people with good hearts. Kindnesses, little and big, are holding me steady, warming my soul, and keeping my world good.

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1 Response to good hearts, good people

  1. knitsofacto says:

    Good friends and small kindnesses … the world would be so much less without them :)

    I do hope you find a buyer soon x

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