bait and switch


Making good progress on the socks, but I needed a bit of a break. I thought a hat would be just the thing, and they are. Hat knitting is great, and it’s pretty nice when all the yarn comes from the box of stash and leftovers.


Neither of them fit, so they will both be gifted; one to a recipient with a larger head than mine, and the other to a smaller head than mine! Do you think I could get it right on the next try? Winter is coming! (I’m going to try to add a pattern repeat to the hat with the hearts, see if that helps, and do something a bit more subtle. It was a free pattern on the Pickles site.)

We had expected a very quick sale on the house, and being that it has been a month (a very busy month with showings almost every single day), I am very glad that the one box that was not put into storage was the yarn box. We have managed to cope without our Halloween costume box, the books, video games and movies, and the winter boots and coats (layers! socks!) but I do not think that I could have managed this month without being able to rummage through my wool.

I was trying to describe how I was feeling to Chadd last night, and I think it can best be described as a sponge; constantly being wrung out by one thing or another. There doesn’t seem to be any lack of issues that we need to address…the latest one being the delivery of 2200 square feet of hardwoods to the new house that were not put into the house by the delivery men, so Chadd and I and a (wonderful!) friend had to carry over one hundred boxes of oak into the house on Halloween. It took about three hours; lucky for us Chadd is very strong. He and I went back at 6:00 on Friday morning to move about 20 boxes to the second level, and we will have to go back this weekend to transfer up the ones we put in the basement.

But things are moving forward on both houses, and forward is where I want to be. I’ll take another deep breath, rummage through my yarn box, and hopefully come up with a hat that fits ME this time!

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