and into the next

The new year will come into being as I type this, the count down will ring out before I’ve finished a collection of coherent thoughts.

I had thought that we would celebrate this new year with a party, a get together with good friends, but the new house does not change the fact that I am not so much of a New Year’s person. The celebration of the new year doesn’t really resonate with me; I always had a giggle fit when Chadd would try to kiss me at midnight. When the girls were little, we would go out a couple of nights earlier…December 30 was always so much less busy than December 31st, and it was fun with the girls the next day, watching them struggle to stay awake to the end! The best of both worlds.

This year has been oh-so-different from last, and the one to come will be different as well. We have the blessing of a new house, new puppy, new secretary at the office, new grey hairs. I am infinitely grateful that the status quo chose to fall apart in 2013, when nothing was concrete, anyway. 2013 was the year when no sooner had one challenge been cleared up, then another would make an appearance. I am not looking for 2014 to make a mockery of me, but what would like in the coming year is a bit more order. Having a better sense of order over those things that I am in control of; taking stock and taking charge.

There are a few things about my nature that I cannot seem to change; one is the propensity to worry beyond rationale, the other is not to speak too highly of anything (based on an old superstition that the gods do not like to see the mortals too happy), so all I can say about the new house is that it is still getting the finishing touches, and that it is good. We made something together, something we wanted and needed, and yes, we are happy. I would go on and on about it, but I just can’t bring myself to make a big deal. There will be some snapshots of my favourite bits in the months ahead.

The knitting that did not get done in 2013 will hopefully be remedied in 2014. There was no quiet knitting corner and no brain power left in the end for anything other than socks and a couple of touques. One touque was made out of Lett Lopi, and my math-loving teenager helped me convert a child’s size pattern to an adult one. I loved that moment. Elena made her first slouchy knit hat, too. In the round, and managed DPN’s not too badly.

One little braggy moment that you will get out of me…I organized my craft closet. Oh, bliss. To see the yarn bins (there are only two) arranged; one with untouched yarn for new projects, and one that is not-quite-full of leftovers that will be made into the creative, use it up projects that I love so much. There is a fair bit of fabric in there too, from those quilting days, and a bin of roving to use with my new spindle. I didn’t manage to blog about the knitting retreat that I went to in December…but I did learn how to spin!

So here we go, 2014, here we go.

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3 Responses to and into the next

  1. Francesca says:

    looking forward to learning about your spinning!
    sounds like you’re starting the new year well – new house, organized crafts (you know, the key things), new gray hairs (oh, no! same problem here, why don’t they just go away already? or keep to the old year? :))

  2. planetcoops says:

    Happy New Year to you!

  3. rusty duck says:

    Happy New Year Laura.
    I hope that we both get more time to knit. Enjoy the new house and I look forward to seeing the pics.

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