knitters, yoga, and philosophy

When I went to the knitting retreat back during the first weekend in December, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Knitters can be a strange bunch; eclectic, holistic, vegetarian and the sort. Of course, there are the ones that just enjoy knitting, but you will come across the ones that would rather knit than breathe. I wasn’t sure whom of which would be the majority during the weekend.

Turns out that the majority were the ones that just enjoy knitting as the best hobby on earth. It was great. Another part that was great was the yoga session that was offered in the morning. It left me absolutely drained at the end of the very simple half-hour session. That was unusual. I do yoga not on a regular basis with some very good videos, but I’ve always felt more refreshed than exhausted at the end.

But not much knitting happened in December, mostly due to the problems I was having with my shoulder. Sitting was uncomfortable since my shoulder blade was swollen and protruding, so I just kept puttering around the house instead. There was lots to do; unpacking, organizing and finding all sorts of errant, MIA items. The fact that I couldn’t raise my arm above my shoulder was ignored.

I didn’t bother thinking about doing yoga, mostly due to the fact that Christmas was coming. I went back to work, and I got what appeared to be a lung infection of sorts. Downward dog, deep breaths and coughing fits don’t mix. And the shoulder, while not great, was at least letting me sit and knit for bits at a time. I finished a sock, started another, and finished a touque. But still with the shoulder, so after New Years I tried a few poses. Well, the shoulder combined with all those lung wrenching coughing episodes have apparently left me pretty beat up. So, I’m thinking that getting back into it, but gently, will be good.

January gives me a fair bit of free time, something I’m not terribly good with. Lots of unstructured free time. (This means I will learn to use the DVD player so I can start doing yoga again.) I also found some interesting ideas to focus on. I would name the blog sources, but lost the links with our power failures yesterday. Before that happened, I got my brilliant daughter to edit the links into photos. Basically…time spent doing thing you love is good, and schedules help you get the rest done so you can feel even better about time well spent…I’m not a philosopher and I’m not terribly fond of quotes, but these two got me thinking.



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2 Responses to knitters, yoga, and philosophy

  1. planetcoops says:

    How true! Those are great quotes.
    Take care! I hope the yoga helps with that shoulder.

  2. rusty duck says:

    The first quote is so very true. Take care of that shoulder, go gently.

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