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in the kitchen

Doesn’t your garbage can have a story?

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good morning again, February

After getting the girls off to school, and Chadd’s lunch made, I sat down to breakfast with a cup of green tea that I promptly spilled all over the table, the floor, my jeans, my breakfast and the chair. Thank … Continue reading

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having a good time

The dog still has a thing for socks. The amazing sunlight that floods the living room makes me forgive him every time. Plus the fact that he’s adorable. Elena’s elephant is still making progress. I found that pattern in the … Continue reading

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more snow

The snow movers are going full push, literally, as they try to clear the snow from the highways and streets. We have had so much snow this winter. Now that today is finally, finally, normal temperature, we will probably see … Continue reading

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flowers and such

Oh, a full week of interesting stuff! The first couple of days were for me; the annual landscape and garden centre trade show kept me busy on Tuesday and Wednesday. Workshops and networking, while learning about new products, trends and … Continue reading

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You know how variegated yarn sometimes has colours that pool? Sometimes, I really like that.

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dust bunnies

The dust bunnies are quietly multiplying away, because I am sitting here knitting in the sunshine. The light is simply pouring into the house through all eight south-facing windows, and I am just basking in it. The dog has found … Continue reading

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