a little quiet ’round here

Long enough between posts that WordPress updated the app on me, looking entirely different, and creating a brief moment of panic that happens when things just aren’t the same. Had to call in the teenager for assistance, as I shrieked, “How am I supposed to work this thing now?!?”


Not a lot of difference outside, though. Cold and more cold…every time the mercury gets anywhere near -15°C, we head outside for a nice long walk with the dog. It takes about half an hour before his toes start freezing, and we have to head home. Yesterday was one of those days.

I’ve been using the cold days as an excuse to get a lot of knitting done, and finally watching every single episode of Downton Abbey. I just finished season three in a marathon viewing session last night. Six hours? Something like that! Happy that I can take my time with season four, since it is on the PVR and not borrowed from the library like the other three seasons. The only thing with Downton Abbey is that the characters are constantly drinking, and it looks so lovely and elegant, that I feel compelled to join them! (But I don’t. That would be silly. But I want to.)


And even though this winter has been the coldest in over 40 years, experiencing this winter in the new house has been more, and different, and lovely all at the same time. The big windows and the beautiful light have managed to keep my energy levels and my mood on an even keel, and January has passed nicely. The tradesmen are now all done (yay! hooray!), the dog got fixed, we bought desks for the girls’ bedrooms, workstation/craft area, and a 1950s teak daybed for the corner behind the fireplace. I tried spinning with the drop spindle again (first time since the retreat) and it still looked like yarn! The shoulder and I have been to physio a couple of times. Working on what movements I can and can’t do with my arm is frustrating as the improvement is, so far, inconsistent; and I’ve almost got rug-burn on my back from all the “massaging” I’ve been doing with the tennis ball. Oh well. At least I’m still knitting.

The organizing that comes with tax season will start as soon as the desk arrives…the workstation area upstairs was designed for that use, and then some. This year, unbelievably, I’m looking forward to it, because I won’t be sitting on the floor, surrounded by piles of paper, or shuffling said piles off the kitchen table so we can eat. An actual area, dedicated to task-use. It might even end up being almost enjoyable?!? It remains to be seen…

And now, I’m going to watch yet another episode of Downton while I do the dishes…because I’ve got an hour and a half before school is out, a pile of dishes to do, and it’s still way to cold to walk the dog.

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1 Response to a little quiet ’round here

  1. Olallieberry says:

    Ha! Cold here too…way too cold. Windows and light do help the mood… LOVE LOVE LOVE your kitchen!

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