more snow


The snow movers are going full push, literally, as they try to clear the snow from the highways and streets. We have had so much snow this winter. Now that today is finally, finally, normal temperature, we will probably see a lot of snow forts and snowmen being built! We took the dog to the dog park yesterday, and he was in his glory. There were so many dogs there, and they were all so happy to be out and getting exercise. Odin was very good for the first ten minutes or so, and then, as usual, he started madly sprinting ahead. Elena had to keep running to catch up with him. His “stay with your pack” concept needs work!

We had such a nice weekend, altogether. Chadd made a bench for the mudroom, and did a great job framing some large fabric. Can’t wait to hang the second piece and take pictures! Silly to say, but they look even better than I had dared hope. I don’t have much skill for decorating, and don’t enjoy it much, but in this house everything seems to be coming together so well. The colours, especially, seem to be so easy, calming and complimentary.

Elena and I spent part of the weekend making part of an elephant. My sewing machine is in terrible shape, and can barely manage the tension for a straight line. (It’s second-hand, and very old.) But it works, and I have it set up on the new craft table. (That craft area feels like a personal success. Finally, I have a crafting area again!) Elena is taking sewing in Home-Ec right now, but the projects have been painfully basic. She is enjoying working with a three dimensional object, learning how to cut out a pattern, match pattern markers, stitch to a seam allowance, baste, and follow the instructions. We just finished constructing the head.

No knitting got done this weekend, but I got the sudden urge to bake. That went well, except for a batch of tasteless apple gingerbread muffins. But I have the best recipe for date loaf, thanks to the Barefoot Contessa website. Booze-soaked dates…I use whatever I have on hand…and it is a lovely, yummy cake. Perfect for breakfast the next morning!

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2 Responses to more snow

  1. Francesca says:

    yay for your new craft area! :)

  2. knitsofacto says:

    You must be as fed up of the snow as we are of the rain, but if focuses your attention indoors and I guess that can’t be a bad thing at the moment. Can’t wait for the virtual guided tour of the new place when you’re all done … I do hope you have one planned :)

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