having a good time

The dog still has a thing for socks. The amazing sunlight that floods the living room makes me forgive him every time. Plus the fact that he’s adorable.


Elena’s elephant is still making progress. I found that pattern in the thrift store ages and ages ago, and I’ve always wanted to make it. My problem with making stuffed animals is that the end result has to have a purpose. I don’t “need” a stuffed animal, so I would have to enjoy making it to sell at a craft market, or as a gift. The sewing machine, at present, cannot sew well enough for me to feel good about selling a finished product. This makes the elephant a perfect project for Elena. We have even discussed the embellishments that a Indian elephant would have, and she is looking forward to beading and decorating her elephant. Part of me wishes she were a bit more eager…it’s such a cute project, and I’m enjoying it, too!


Our unofficial resolution to entertain more is coming along pretty well, with four parties so far. One birthday, one dinner, one teen and one whist party, all enjoyed pretty well (except for me and the teen party, but that’s just me). The whist party was yesterday, with 12 players and 5 extras. We set up three tables, and I think I know how to play whist now. Everything would have been perfect except half the guests arrived an hour early. Threw me off a bit, (a lot) especially as most were friends of my mother in law, and wanted a tour of the house, while I was trying to get the food ready. But the evening was a success, and I would definitely make whist night into a semi annual event. Now that I know to have an earlier start time, and at least two bowls of punch, two jugs of water and two carafes of tea at the ready. Plus a bottle of rye.

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3 Responses to having a good time

  1. knitsofacto says:

    Just reading back through the posts I’ve missed. That hound is too cute. And I know just what you mean about making things that you need because they have a purpose. But the elephant looks fun :)

  2. woolythymes says:

    oh, puppy—you are just too cute. (take advantage of it…i bet you can get away with ANYTHING!!!) That’s so funny about your MIL’s friends…yes, women of a certain age just do what they please, when they please…..the same thing happened to me once at a Christmas party I hosted for my mom’s friends . (I think I was the only one somewhat unglued over it….!!!)

  3. Ruth says:

    That dog of yours is completely adorable. I can’t imagine it would be possible to stay mad at him!

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