good morning again, February

After getting the girls off to school, and Chadd’s lunch made, I sat down to breakfast with a cup of green tea that I promptly spilled all over the table, the floor, my jeans, my breakfast and the chair. Thank goodness it was already cold, from the pot that was made before I ran the girls to school. Chadd asked me how I managed to do that, but he already knew the answer. Talent, baby, sheer klutzy talent!

Could have something to do with not having recovered from the early morning Olympic gold medal hockey game on Sunday. We woke up just after 5:00 to drive over to our friends’ house for breakfast and the game. Both were excellent!!! The rest of the day did pass in somewhat of a dopey blur, and I totally missed the closing ceremonies because I took a nap after church…

Our Canadian hashtag for the Olympics (#wearewinter) is annoyingly true now, as the temperature this morning went crashing back down to -24°C this morning. I’m not a fan of February, but I just might be even less a fan of March, because the snow won’t melt until April, and March is just the month that gets your hopes up. But I found a list that I found helpful to get me moving through my day (Pleasant View Schoolhouse blog for the assist) which reads something like this:
~Clean something
~Cook something
~Plan something
~Read something
~Write something
~Fix something
~Sew something (knit, really)
~Serve someone
~Tidy something (organize)
Of course I’m cleaning and cooking on an everyday basis, but this makes me think about “that recipe” or “that window” that I wanted to get to, but kept forgetting about. The planning component makes me think about the future, from dentist appointments to dinner to a workout after supper. Read something? I picked up a book. Fix something ended up being the hole in my jeans yesterday and a loose screw today. Serving someone varies, and always gives me something to think about. Tidy something…well, there is no lack of things to organize here, and lets me feel a bit more mentally tidy, and has me keeping a list.

Really, truly, I cannot wait for this cold weather to be done, but in the meantime, I’ll take the earlier sunrise and the warm sun. And I’ll be waiting for this…


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2 Responses to good morning again, February

  1. Francesca says:

    i’m all for perpetual spring …

  2. rusty duck says:

    The weather may not be so extreme here, but I know how you feel. Last year we had a really late Spring and winter just felt like it would go on forever.

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