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love this dog

Here he is, looking for some cuddling. Here he is, looking for Chadd out the window by the front door. And here he is, looking for food.

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where I’m not

She is sending me pictures of tulips, of t-shirt weather, of the abbey Mont St. Michel, of Converse runners with the British flag design.

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we celebrated with Belgian beer last night

After a two hour long-distance chat with my little brother yesterday, I went off in search of Belgian dark beer. Among other things, I learned that Bruges is one of the most beautiful towns, and known for their mussels. And … Continue reading

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this is new

I didn’t sleep well last night. I thought it was because we had all gone out to dinner, and the salmon and lentils are not something I usually eat. And the stupid dreams I had, of running out of time … Continue reading

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the last day of winter

In the process of all the house planning, Chadd and I would often talk about our first winter in the new house. We’d talk about paint colours, and light and why I didn’t want white walls with all the large … Continue reading

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the commandments of home theatre movie viewing according to Chadd

1. Thou shalt use the washroom facilities before the movie starts. 2. The movie will not stop for you if you have use the facilities. 3. No lights will be turned on to help you locate the facilities. 4. The … Continue reading

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on the other side

I have a few British blogs that I love to visit. There is a certain something about them at this time of year, something I’m going to call green. They’ve got everything from grass to daffodils! The month of March, … Continue reading

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