it turned out for the best

There are some things that my husband likes that I don’t. These crystal stone animals lined up on the windowsill, he’s not so fond of. I love them.


Shopping? Much more his thing, including shopping for clothes (for me.)

I realize that it’s unusual, but he does a great job of it. I’ve rarely, rarely had to take anything back, but it happened today. He bought me a pair of pants. Black pants that were too big in the waist, and so tight in the leg that I couldn’t bend my knobby knees properly. Odd. Ridiculously uncomfortable for the price he paid.

He took me back to the store for an exchange, and I was dreading it. I just knew it was going to take forever to find something I liked, and then it wouldn’t fit.

Well. The sale and the selection at the store was so good, I got a summer dress, a pair of dress pants, a grey cardigan, and a flowy top (all from the sale rack,) and a black knit dress (at regular price,) for the same price as the the original pair of black pants! Can I put another bunch of exclamation points on there? !!!!! This never, ever happens…and you’d better believe I’m not going back to test my luck any time soon! I’m just going to wait for the next blue moon…and enjoy my clothes in the meantime!

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2 Responses to it turned out for the best

  1. Ruth says:

    I’d be so delighted if my husband would do my clothes shopping for me!

  2. woolythymes says:!!!!!!!!!!!!! bonanza!!! WOW.

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