the commandments of home theatre movie viewing according to Chadd

1. Thou shalt use the washroom facilities before the movie starts.

2. The movie will not stop for you if you have use the facilities.

3. No lights will be turned on to help you locate the facilities.

4. The phone will not be answered, because no one important will call in the next two hours.

5. The words “what’s happening now?” will never be uttered out loud.

6. No talking to the dog.

Unfortunately, the movie was so bad, it could have used a few interruptions!

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4 Responses to the commandments of home theatre movie viewing according to Chadd

  1. Olallieberry says:

    LOL, I’m with Chadā€¦ we must maintain our priorities and the only way to reach our goals is through careful planning ;)

  2. planetcoops says:

    Mr PC needs to learn Chadd’s rules! We take at least half the time again to watch a film with all the pausing and the drinks fetching and the rewinding to catch the dialogue he missed. Sadly, it makes a bad movie even worse. Even good ones end up being a chore – it took us three evenings to watch The Deer Hunter.

  3. knitsofacto says:

    I quite like the pausing … we watch convoluted films where long pauses for speculation as to who did it or whatever are as much fun as the movie itself. We also have long pauses because a whippet discovers it needs to be let out … maybe I should ask Chadd to have a word with them!

  4. woolythymes says:

    sometimes we end up ‘pausing’ so many times it takes almost twice the time to see it….good rules!

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