I’m good, how are you


I’ve had a solid two weeks of nice stuff happening. It’s a little alarming, a little unexpected, but…nice.

I could almost do a bullet list of all the nice stuff, for example:

*****The grade 8 grad dress that we bought for Elena. It’s the sweetest little black satin number, in the style of Audrey Hepburn. A fitted bodice, with a skirt with box pleats that bells out at the bottom ever so slightly, thanks to the double layers of burgundy satin lining, and hidden strip of crinoline. It suits her so well; Sonja helped her pick it out, and it came with detatchable straps that will be stitched into place for the big day. I’m so very happy that we found something that fit my little “stick,” and she is very happy, too. Cross that off the list, but remember to make the hair appointment! (Yes, things have changed since I graduated from junior high. Well.)

*****New blue jeans that fit. I know.

*****Finishing the tax prep for the accountant. I hate doing this so much, every year. I have nightmares about losing reciepts and getting numbers mixed up and all sorts of awful. This year, I was worried because it was harder to stay organized, what with building the house and moving and all. But I amazed myself, finding all the proper paperwork in the proper places. I did so good!

*****And now I’m going to reward myself with a sewing machine!

*****The dog was sick, but it was just kennel cough. That cough…I thought I could tough it out, wait it out for him to get better, but our last basset had a cough that ended up being lung cancer, so you can see how relieved I am that he is all better now.

*****A fabulous card party night that we didn’t have to host! The whole purpose of our card party night back in February, was to teach Chadd and I how to play whist, so that when the church hosts the annual Card Party night, we could go without having to sit in a corner, watching everyone else have fun. And Chadd got top score for the men. Typical…teach that boy anything once, and he’ll beat you forever.

*****My lovely red ladder that sits on the landing, beautiful and useful.

*****An article that I read about a new pilot program for more effective daycare programming in Winnipeg. The study showed that children are having a great deal more difficulty with self control and mental health, and that the first six years of life and the skills that a child lears during that time frame is essential to success later in life. The study is introducing a more language oriented programming that focuses on the child, and is a smaller group base that mimics a mother and child family setting. More reading, more verbal feedback from the child, more interactive social consequences and life skills. The program is also teaching parents how to pay more attention to their children in an effective and positive way. I’m patting myself on the back for staying home with my girls, but I am so extremely saddened by the understanding that so many children did not have what I consider normal in the first six years of life. (Down from the soapbox, now.)

*****My awesome, awesome job. I love going off to work in the greenhouse, getting sweaty and covered in mud and sprayed with water from the hoses. I love taking care of the plants, and I love working part time for a company that understands (still) that my kids and family unit need me (still) as Elena so easily demonstrated on Sunday night, handing me a notice from the school about the badminton tournament that was starting at 4:00 pm on Tuesday. And that all students had to arrange their own transportation to the event. Tell me, what would I do without my wonderful, fun and flexible job?

*****Knitting is going well. Stash running low. Need more yarn. Stat.

*****Finding the warranty for my Royal Copenhagen cup that got broken (by me) while cleaning up the kitchen. Royal Copenhagen gives a 24 month warranty against breakage on all their pottery from the date of purchase. I can’t believe I broke the cup, but I can’t believe I found the warranty. All I have to do is take a picture of the breakage, and they will send the replacement. I was so upset…it’s almost insulting to break something while you’re cleaning…and now I feel so relieved. I love my Royal Copenhagen mugs!

*****The upstairs blinds will be installed Tuesday or Wednesday! I’ll be able to take a shower without worrying that my makeshift curtain (of muslin taped to the windowsill with painters tape) won’t fall down!

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2 Responses to I’m good, how are you

  1. knitsofacto says:

    Just catching up with you here. Life sounds good. Hope the sun’s shining on you, and that you’ve replenished that yarn supply.

  2. Olallieberry says:

    Wow! You are having a terrific week! Congratulations! Although I must admit I am a teensy bit jealous ;)

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