I can be so productive when I want to be


And then some days just get swept away. There is never (no, never) any lack of things going on. Randomly, and such as:

I brushed the dog outside yesterday, and the birds frantically scooped up beakfuls of the fluff. Those were some very happy birds!

Some herbs came home with me after work on Tuesday. My pots are not ready for them yet, but my back yard even less so.

At work, there was a little plastic sandwich bag pinned to the bulletin board. Someone had brought in a sample of fungus on their rose bush, and I was so excited. I had seen the fungus on my walks with the dog, and had tried to explain it to my boss. Now, I might get to find out what it is! (At work, I am known as the bug and fungus girl, because I am always the first to spot them.)

Chadd is very happy that my boss lady will be making an appearance at the house after work today, to assess the grade of the backyard, and take a look at the plans I’ve drawn up for it. Apples and cherries and saskatoons…oh my!

My fingering weight sweater is making definite progress. As is the quilt, because I bought a sewing machine!

Sewing machines…you get what you pay for. So, it’s basic, clunky, noisy and plastic. But it does what I need it to do, and that’s good.

The quilt is stash. I went through the fabric shelf, and made four piles of colours that “went together.” The first pile of fabric was cut into squares, in random light and dark colours of yellow, blue, red and green, with plaid and white thrown in. The other three piles will be three more quilts. And then I’ll have to buy more fabric.

This weekend is supposed to be warm and sunny. I want to spend the whole time in the allotment, cleaning up. And maybe, just maybe getting the rototiller in there. Fingers crossed on that one!


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