works in progress

In knitting, it’s called a WIP, but I’m not sure what it’s called in real life. A lot of production, but no product? Something like that.


Product in progress #1 is the sister in law sweater that was still on the needles as of yesterday. The collar is now finished, and there is the loose ends, blocking, steeking and zipper yet to do. The brown is my fingering weight sweater that is really nice to pick up when I have a bit more time rather than less. A row takes 15 minutes, for sure. I’ve joined the sleeves, and working the raglan decreases towards the neck. The natural brown wool is just so nice.


Progress #3 is the sock that mostly only gets worked on at baseball games. This pair should be ready by the time the season is over at the end of June. They will be given to my friend Jean, because I’ve discovered I’m not really happy with socks that don’t have a bit more give (with ribbing) on the top of the foot. They feel a bit too constrictive. The yarn looks pretty on a plain sock, though.


Potential projects! Mitts for the variegated green…can never start too soon. And the marled golden and mauve…it’s a thick and thin. I realized that after I got it home. I’m not great with thick and thin; I get stumped for projects. But it was on sale.


And that’s why I’m wondering if this project might work…or would the horse end up with lumps and bumps in strange places? It is felted in the end…


But when the sun is shining, and I’m not at work, I’m outside in the garden. The pots, all six of them (instead of the forty) are planted, and the allotment garden mostly is, as well. The carrots still have to be done, and the cucumbers and kale, but that is it. I have straw to put down, hopefully to slow down the weeds, and some quack grass and horseradish to dig out. The trellises will be put up for the peas, and the fencing to keep out the four-footed (and two-footed) critters.


The plants for the front and back yard are sitting in their black plastic pots, waiting for a home. Hopefully I’ll have some progress on that next week, in the form of a fence, some boulders and a little grading…contractors willing…


And there is the quilt, patiently waiting for a rainy day (which might be tomorrow).

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4 Responses to works in progress

  1. knitsofacto says:

    I did giggle at the ‘lot of production but no product’ … life often feels like that to me too. But from the outside you look to be achieving a great deal in your new home this spring :)

  2. woolythymes says:

    oh my goodness you are busy……!!! I love all the WIPs you have going…..especially the garden (mainly because i’ve been away from mine for over a week and can’t wait to get back out there before the mosquitoes get so bad they try to eat me for dinner.)

  3. :) says:

    Lovely works and scenes

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