blog worthy


Oh, good grief…where am I? What day is it?

It is almost Friday, isn’t it?

The two most perfect words that describe my brain during the month of June are scramble and fried. (I’m not sure my brain even knows what’s blog worthy at the moment, but I’d like to keep track of a few things so…)

The other word that’s floating around is rain. Blerg…it’s wet here. I’m so in gardening mode at the moment, taking whatever time I can find, and getting things done. We have been spreading straw as mulch at the allotment, which has been awesome on the sunny days. I’m not dealing with so much mud after the rain, and I don’t sink in quite as much. It’s keeping the weeds down, as long as you don’t count the quack grass. I’m just hoping the tiny little sprouting carrots and beets don’t get drowned out from our latest downpour. They were just poking their little green tops out!

And a quick update of the last two weeks…Elena has been to Quebec and back with her class trip, Sonja tried unsuccessfully for her drivers license, and my hours at work got bumped up to full time for this week and the next couple. I had a skunk wander up to me at work, sit on my shoes and paw at my pant legs (as if to ask to be picked up!) and let me tell you that I had a minor freak out about that! He’s been making trips back to the garden centre every few days, but thankfully only when I’m not there. (A customer came shopping with her little black and white dog…saw it out of the corner of my eye and just about panicked until I realized…dog.)

Baseball seems to be happening every which way I turn, from Elena’s tournament weekends, playoffs, and our minor league Goldeye games. Elena’s team has been having a great season, being 12-0 at the moment. More baseball all day Sunday. Saturday will see me waiting for the hydro crew to mark the underground power lines so we can dig holes for the new fence next week Wednesday (please no more rain. Please.) Wednesday is also graduation day for Elena, as she leaves grade 8.

Did I mention it was also her birthday on Monday? No? Because I had almost forgotten, and had to do some frantic shopping on Sunday, which has resulted in a “Hanukkah birthday week” (our invention) which meant that presents got spread out over the whole week (more shopping time for me)…which will never happen again…even though it is much less stressful!

The other big news is that my mother in law has moved in with us for a few (or more) weeks while her condo is being renovated. My dishes are now always, always, always done.

And now you know…scramble fried. Pretty good, eh?

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1 Response to blog worthy

  1. Francesca says:

    happy birthday to your girl, a week of celebrating sounds like a lot of fun (sans the week of shopping).
    i’m writing now about our week(s) of endless rainshowers – or so they seem – and, yes, it’s frustrating: not good for the garden (you can always water, but can’t provide the needed sunshine!), not good for the laundry, not good for the mood (mine).

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