one year in

Sweet puppy one year ago…


We were so happy for the offer of a basset puppy! Life was just not the same without a hound underfoot. And so, Odin-the-Strong-willed came home with us…


I can honestly say that we were not expecting that much attitude or force of nature from such a bundle of fur. He was so stubborn! (Ok, he still is, but at least now, he can be reasonable!)


He reminded me so much of our Elena…persistence, intensity, strong will, and high energy…that we called him “Elena with fur.” That puppy stage was challenging; so barkey and bitey! The obsession with socks and underwear! The sneak and destroy tactics! The growling when he didn’t get his way!


All worth it. So worth it, our bundle of basset joy! He’s growing up, getting smarter, and understanding more. His command of the English language is great, as is his sense of humour (oh, yes, bassets are so funny) and his willingness to obey has improved from “I don’t think so” to “well, ok, if you really want me to.” (Which is nothing short or miraculous. I know.)


We love him so much! It’s been an awesome first year, Odin.

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3 Responses to one year in

  1. woolythymes says:

    we belong to a dog, too…..funny how they take over your life!!! :) (Odin is adorable!!!…that last photo!! )

  2. planetcoops says:

    And doesn’t he look gorgeous!

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