our Folklorama week

I don’t usually mention it…but we do it every year. It’s a big deal, it’s a lot of fun, and it is absolutely exhausting.

It’s our Folklorama week. We’ve been participating in the Scandinavian pavilion for years, starting with Sonja dancing in the children’s dance group when she was about five years old. Since then, we’ve all had a chance to sing, dance and act our way through many performances. All week long, at least three performances a night, dressed in period (woolen) costume. (In August!)

Our Scandinavian pavilion; it’s quite the amazing event, with so very many wonderful volunteers. The pavilion has been active in Folklorama since the start, forty-five years ago. It’s a huge commitment from so very many people. We are proud to be part of it (even though by the end of the week, we question our commitment to next year!)

The last two links go back to my posts from 2010, which was the one and only year I took the camera.

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