my sweet, crazy loki

We’ve got some serious sweetness going on here.


We are at the six week mark.

And I’m at a loss for words. I love that tiny scrap of hound so much. “Tiny scrap” that is eating really well now, loving all the extra food coming his way. He’s gotten bigger, and looks so good now. So proud, I am, that he looks like a hound again. (How can someone not care to feed a dog? I’m still a bit haunted by the lack.)

Loves his walks. Heck, he understands what a walk is, now; and every time we say walk, he wags his tail. And we are constantly working on the social skills…to reduce the barking and pulling on the leash like a crazy thing every time he sees another dog. Loves meeting other dogs so much that he almost works himself into a lather. Not a good look. This is a recent thing, though, and sometimes he is sweet and social. I’m learning that he is in a constant learning/adapting/changing phase at the moment as he experiences all the new, wonderful, doggy things that he didn’t have before.

Including house training. Working on that one, let me tell you, and it’s the most stressful part of having a new dog. (Not that much different from potty-training a human, and I didn’t like that much, either!). Loki had to get used to food, first of all, then what happens after the food. It’s a process of constant vigilance and constant praise. And constant vigilance. It’s exactly like puppy watch, only with hardwood floor this time.

And then there’s Odin. Odin thinks the new kid is great, but please, let’s get one thing straight. They are not best friends. They are brothers, and Odin is the big one. Period.

Yes, he’s fitting in just fine. He is just so sweet.

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1 Response to my sweet, crazy loki

  1. trinagallop says:

    I’m so happy Loki is a part of your family. He is exactly where he was meant to be. See you soon you sweet squish!

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