blogging in the rain

Life was going to be titled: hitting the reset button…or…I’m not cranky, I’m just wet…or…a lot of what isn’t happening (namely sunshine and landscaping)…

But instead, it gets to be a bit random, as life can be.

1). Landscaping is not done. Not even close to done. Forty-five yards of soil delivered and spread, and a granite-graveled fire pit area. Then, rain for what feels like three weeks straight. Maybe more. Of course, there have been lovely, sunny days in between. Just not long enough to dry out the mud…

2). Since the rain is irritating the heck out of me, I have started a quilt. The logic in this is that you can’t sew outside even if it is sunny.

3). I am absolutely loving the independence that has come with Sonja’s drivers license.

4). The latest knitting project thrilled me when I learned intarsia. Up until now, I had only known how to do colourwork in the round. I was thrilled until I realized that I have made a gross miscalculation in yardage, and would have to buy three more balls of Rowan baby alpaca to finish. But I like it, a lot. So off to the yarn store I go.

5). It’s time to start a project that I can’t screw up.

6). I am going to the Manitoba Fibre Festival today!

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2 Responses to blogging in the rain

  1. Francesca says:

    i’m looking forward and dreading at the same time my son’s driving permit when he turns 18! hopefully, hubby will be doing the lessons …

  2. woolythymes says:

    fiber festival!!!!!! happy dance!!!!

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