blue skies


Yesterday was beautiful out, and the day before that, and the day before that. Today, too…beautiful days to get my vegetable garden all cleared out, the harvest sorted and cleaned, and my tulips planted. Yellow, red and white. And I’m making borscht, grating the beets while wearing a white shirt. Not kidding, I just realized.

The photo issue seems to be resolved for now, but will require some interesting hoop-jumping. Thank goodness for Chadd, the facilitator of my everyday life!

It seems like it should be a crazy, intense day where I get everything done on my list; but truthfully, today and yesterday pretty much managed to be everything I needed. I still have a few more planted flower pots that I have to empty, and there is always, always laundry…but even at that, a load of wash dried on my new clothesline today. We had a small bonfire in the brand new firepit, and kept it small when we realized that it was a bit too windy for a fire. The s’mores were great, and the marshmallows golden; and after we raked the fire to coals, it started to rain. So we came inside, and Chadd built a fire in the fireplace.

I even practiced spinning on my spindle, in anticipation of my spinning wheel classes this weekend. A whole weekend of learning how to spin. I’m worried that I might like it too much, when I actually sit down in front of a wheel. Luckily, the machine is borrowed, so I can’t get addicted just yet!

More tomorrow; there always is. With photos.

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2 Responses to blue skies

  1. woolythymes says:

    i’ve refrained from even taking a class….for fear that i’d like it too much! hope you enjoy yours, though…’s a beautiful day in our neighborhood, too…..time to play outside!

  2. planetcoops says:

    Just means that you’ll have to buy one of your own if you like it too much!

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