of the hounds


We collected some milkweed seeds, just as the pods were bursting. Elena and I, on one of our walks with the dogs. The dog walking trails just beyond our front door are wonderful, full of prairie grass, mature trees, lots of shrubbery, and a view of the river. Which means that the hounds are almost always on the scent of some creature; deer, racoon, skunk, rabbit, squirrel or mice. Some days, we are lucky enough to see a family of white-tail deer grazing in the distance, but usually we just hear rustling in the bushes. We absolutely love it. I used to insist on going back to the farm a couple times a year, just for my nature fix, but now I have my own, just down the street and around the corner.

I want to take the camera, I’ve been encouraged to take the camera; but it’s not easy getting a good photo of anything, especially when you’ve got fifty-five pounds worth of a basset who is not interested in that shot you want to get but very interested in that smell just about ten feet ahead. Not that I ever feel like the bassets are taking me for a walk, oh no, not me!

I took Odin to the vet yesterday, and I admit to having been nervous about the appointment. Loki had to come with, because he has never been left in the kennel or house alone, yet, and I was worried he would find that too upsetting. So, I had two bassets that I was trying to get out of the back hatch of the car, and herd into the vet clinic. In the end, it didn’t go too badly. I got to have Loki weighed, and he is now at a decent forty pound heft. I’m very happy, but it also means that if I have both dogs for a walk, I’m managing ninety-five pounds of active hounds!

But the arm workout is all worth it, because after, well, I get this…


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2 Responses to of the hounds

  1. woolythymes says:

    i get about a 30 lb workout from my cocker…..and most days it’s all i can manage!!! love the shot of the milkweed!!!

  2. Annie says:

    I know that feeling. The whippets only average 30lb, but when I walk all five. It’s one of the reasons I take so few pics of them … if they are on lead I don’t get to stand still, and if they are off lead I have to have eyes in five places. I guess I should try for a lovely snoozy shot like this.

    So good to see Loki thriving :)

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