it wasn’t working for me

It was hanging over my head, but I was in no way prepared to face it. To add to the problem, I had decided that I was going to leave it buried until I had at least a week to dedicate to the effort. I even stopped knitting because of it.

Chadd’s pep talk almost backfired.


But it didn’t. Instead, I picked up the problem.

I wove in all the ends on that Icelandic sweater that I had been knitting (ignoring in the craft closet) for my sister in law, and I went on Google to find out “how to steek a Lopi sweater.” I followed a bunch of really sweet links, and that sweater is now blocked and ready for the first cut. I do have to find a zipper, but now I even know how to put one in.

And I’m a little embarrassed at how I put off finishing the sweater. I was nervous of doing it wrong; scared that I’d bitten off so much in this one project that I never should have promised as a Christmas present last year. This was becoming a bit of a disaster. The guilt was actually stalling any new knitting projects. The whole thing, (which my mother in law had unthinkingly declared, “it will never fit her,”) had no end in sight. Until I just picked up the darn thing.

My mom used to read us a book called, “The Monster at the End of This Book.” The main character (Grover from Sesame Street) was told that there was a monster at the end of the book. Well, he didn’t want to get there, so he put up a whole bunch of obstacles to prevent the pages from being turned. Funny how that zipper had become my monster, because I had left off the sweater with the ends not woven in. Usually, the ends mean the sweater is almost done. In this case, I would have been just one step closer to the zipper…

Moral of the story? Never promise, as a Christmas present, a knitting project that you’ve never done before. Or at the very least, face the monster. Grover was so embarrassed at the end, but I suspect I’m going to be very proud!

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