back to the weeks just past…

You know when that first cup of coffee tastes so good, you should probably just brew a pot of tea, because you know the second cup doesn’t have a chance of tasting as good as the first…

I am not a morning person, and that sweet Loki hound is. He opens those big eyes anywhere from 4:30 to 6:30, which is not Odin’s idea of morning either, God bless him. But Loki whines from the confines of his kennel until I get up. When it’s closer to 6:30, (and summer) he’s a great alarm clock.

But mornings are a bit groggy. Thank goodness I’m off work for a couple of weeks while the garden centre transitions into Christmas. The dogs like morning naps, and so do I.

Morning is also for knitting. I wish it was for blogging. I feel lost when time passes without a blog post, because this blog is my memory bank. I’m not one of those people who remembers things, so having the blog to go back to, to remember stuff I should know (like what year I started knitting, or what the girls went as for Halloween last year) is important.

And this year, well, was our first Halloween at this house, and only 15 trick-or-treaters showed up at our door. I ended up handing out fistfuls of candy to the kids that made it to our door. I had wondered how many we would get, because we don’t have many neighbours built along side us just yet. Although I could see lots of kids in the subdivision across the main road from us, few wanted to cross the street just for our house. The costumes were great, though. One kid showed up as a hunter, in full camouflage, with deer antlers slung over his shoulder. My dad would have liked that one.


Elena went as a can of Monster Energy drink. Poster paper and packing tape, and she was so happy with her costume. I love the creative energy that goes into a Halloween costume (since I refuse to buy one!) And the ideas that started flying after realizing what you can “be” as a tube! A trash can! Oscar the grouch in the trash can! Diet coke! A video game character (I had forgotten that Mario jumps into tubes)! An Energizer battery (if you had a friend willing to go as the bunny)! Oh boy…come see me next year!

There is still traces of blue glitter on the floor and daybed from Elena’s early Halloween party the weekend before Halloween. She had such a great plan for the evening. Starting with pumpkin carving, then pizza, cupcake decorating, the rest of the night turned into a dance party. I got to sit out by the bonfire in the backyard with beer and marshmallows. It was an absolutely perfect night for a fire, and we watched through the windows as the girls danced to “Just Dance” until the party ended at ten o’clock. The best night, all around.

Yard clean up happened in the days just after Halloween. So nice to have it all tidied away. Except for the two half-boxes of parsnips still on the summer kitchen. I’m slowly bringing them in, soaking them in the kitchen sink to get rid of the rest of the dirt, and then storing them in the fridge. I have trouble getting things done with the produce as quickly as I should, though. I’m just not the chef I used to be (sometimes, I don’t even want to cook!) Last night, though, I dragged out the bag of leeks that I was worried were rotting in the fridge (they weren’t) and made potato, leek and bacon soup. Excellent recipe from off the internet, although we were guessing at some of the ingredients. I had no idea a rasher of bacon was an actual measurement, but we just threw a bunch of bacon in, because…it’s bacon. It also called for pot single cream, and all we had on hand was whipping cream. But it was all good. (Because it’s cream and bacon.)

And the knitting? Currently, a cowl with a little KidSilk Haze thrown in. Not a hardship, either!

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1 Response to back to the weeks just past…

  1. Francesca says:

    i too go through periods of time when cooking is not very high on my priority list. sadly, the family still needs to eat several times a day … :(

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