as long as it’s not pink


Can you see the pink haze? Can you?

A while ago, I offered to knit a Gap-tastic cowl for a friend of Sonja’s. They are a super-incredibly popular accessory for the teenage crowd, and Sonja is happy enough with hers that she wouldn’t even mind another one in another colour. They are also done on 9 mm needles, so can be done zippity-quick.

Her friend requested pale pink.

The people who stock the shelves at my local yarn shop must feel the same way about pink as I do, because pink, pale or otherwise, was hardly to be found, and especially not in the yarn weight I was needing. In a bit of a frustrated panic (because Chadd was waiting in the car), we grabbed some cream Cascade 128 and a pale pink ball of Kidsilk Haze.

It turned out nice, which is good, because that’s about as pink as I’m willing to go. Pale, pale pink, and dreamy, dreamy soft.

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2 Responses to as long as it’s not pink

  1. Francesca says:

    i love pink! i also love how those kid mohair threads add color and hues to yarn.

  2. Annie says:

    I can just imagine how soft that must be … it will be fabulous to wear methinks :)

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