floating snowflakes

These last two mornings have started with a slight skiff of snow; fine, tiny flakes falling softly. It’s cold out there, and the wind catches you off guard. I’m watching the snowflakes being blown across the deck, and I’m watching the clouds slowly drifting into the sunrise as the light shines through the snowflakes falling onto my neighbour’s roof. I have really big windows.

We weren’t in the house yet, this time last year. We were frantically getting ready for the move out/in date on the 25th.

Two years ago, this weekend, there was a lot of snow. We had gone to the Legislature for the Remembrance Day ceremony, and we stood in knee-deep drifts.


We had never gone to see the ceremony, but I had imagined that it would be similar to the one in Ottawa. Instead, there was only the cannons. The explosions are astoundingly loud in person, and your imagination can’t take you that far into hearing them hour after hour, day after day.


I am so glad that Sonja went to see Normandy and the Beaches with her school trip, and that my brother carried the Canadian flag for the ceremony there. One day, I would really love to be in Ottawa for the Remembrance Day ceremony.


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1 Response to floating snowflakes

  1. Annie says:

    Gosh, is it a year already?! Happy house moving anniversary!

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