and a recap

We are getting our Christmas tree one day earlier than usual this year, which, except for last year, is always December 1st. Sunday seems like a good day, and I love the tree that I picked out.

I was commenting to my coworker, though, that every Christmas is different. Chadd and the girls always came to the shop to approve the tree selection before it was brought home. I’m not sure if we’ve just gotten lazy this year, or if it’s because I always do an awesome job, but the tree is coming home without a family inspection.

Maybe it’s because all the Christmas prep milestones seem to be rushing past me a little faster this year, or maybe we’re just more laid back. I don’t know.

We celebrated my fortieth birthday without much fanfare (thank goodness…I am not one for fanfare or surprises) and I did the unthinkable of making Chadd buy me exactly what I wanted for my birthday, which were tickets to a Jets game. The evening was amazing, the energy in the arena awesome, and on top of all that, they won.

The Fibre Retreat, which happened the weekend before my birthday, was just as nice (if not nicer) than last year. I mentioned to my sister in law that everyone seemed more relaxed this year, and she said not really, that the difference was that I hadn’t built and moved into a house right before this year’s retreat. And wasn’t fielding texts from Chadd that read, “Never leave me again.” It was chaos last year!

At the retreat, I tried weaving and needle felting. And came to the conclusion that I am a knitter. All good.

Almost all good. At the retreat, they had a mini workshop on steeking. Turns out I did my sister in law’s sweater wrong. So I have to do some fancy stitch work to reinforce stuff. It will be fine…and it fits. She tried it on last Saturday, and it’s beautiful.

I am working on a very easy shawl during car trips and down time, and I love it. It’s the Iwo shawl, and it’s the same one that I had to rip out because I had tried a yarn substitution. It took me more than a few rows to get a handle on knitting with the Berroco folio (slippery stuff) but the resulting fabric is worth it.

The shawl appears to be something Loki is exceptionally fond of, as he has dragged it, and the yarn out of the project bag on at least four separate occasions. And run off with it.

He’s feeling so much better since his course of antibiotics. It seems he had a bladder infection of sorts, and wasn’t showing any symptoms. (Until I found blood on the stairs, which had us immediately rushing to the vet). Poor little guy is doing so much better now that is all straightened out, that he’s running and bouncing around the house, and throwing toys in Odin’s face, trying to entice him to play. We love, love, love having two bassets!

And, just because I’m thinking of him, a photo of my best boy, Hart.


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2 Responses to and a recap

  1. trinagallop says:

    Oh Hart, we miss you. <3

  2. woolythymes says:

    freddy sends his love…..yip yip ruffffff.

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