first advent


The first of advent represents hope. I had a hard time with this advent day, it being the second year, to the day, that we had to make the decision to put Hart down. I remember the intensity of hope in those weeks prior; something I’d never known before. It was such a heartfelt desire, combined with a love that carried me through the uncertainty. Nothing I’m soon to forget.

We spent this first advent not lighting the candle (I hadn’t made any yet), but instead putting up our Christmas trees, both inside and out. The indoor tree was a little bigger than our usual, prompting some innovation when it came to putting the star on top. The lights and garland are on, but it is still waiting for the ornaments. The outside tree is beautiful; we put it in a tall planter, and accented it with cedar and juniper, silver twigs, red berries, and some silver and red balls as well.

Two taper candles and some tea lights were made after work yesterday. I was so tired, I could barely stand up. The Christmas trees are super heavy this year! And I was tired enough to be too impatient with a taper still cooling in the mold, and so I didn’t get the third candle out in one piece.

What I’d like to do tonight is grind the almonds for the kransekage. I’ve been invited to participate in a Christmas cookie exchange, and I’m so excited! But I’m prepping in stages. The blanching of the almonds was done two days ago; hopefully baking on Monday. This weekend is already booked…and Christmas is coming!

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