cracking me up when I’m not even there

I am fascinated by the different personality of each of my boys. The games of play and chase and wrestle, and how they take turns “beating each other up.”

And it seems that reindeer headwear is no exception.



The other difference between the two is that Odin is a bull, and as healthy as a horse. Loki, on the other hand, will always be my sweet and constant worry. I have every hope that he will be completely adjusted and healthy soon, but we have dealt with kennel cough, a bladder infection, and now puking episodes. Even though I’m the type to panic, it’s hard to go to the vet when nothing he is doing is consistent. So, we are switching over to a different dog food, (pork and applesauce) and adding pumpkin to each meal. They absolutely love it, so no one is complaining, and I’m hoping to worry (a little) less in the weeks ahead.

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