green on green


I’ve been super distracted lately.

My focus is scattered, although Christmas was fine; and the last few days have been productive. I am flustered by the prep for an upcoming trip, too.

It’s almost January. And I made my resolution a couple months ago.

My goal for 2015 is quite simple…do better.

It sounds big and abstract, but it’s going to be simple yet challenging.

It’s my way of reminding myself to act on things; everything from dishes to knitting to managing our finances. Be more attentive. Try to be more flexible, and a little bit more organized.

I’ve already started. I got Chadd onto a better, cheaper phone plan, and I bought two turkeys. Yes, turkeys; at 99¢ a pound ($2.18/kg) they were cheaper than a roasting chicken, and more than double the meat. Something I can do now, with that big freezer downstairs! Make some bread, and freeze it, too, just like I’ve been doing with big batches of soup.

More hugging, listening, and planning ahead. More standing my ground. Just, better.

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2 Responses to green on green

  1. Annie says:

    Yes, do better … a perfect reminder that that would encompass pretty much everything that I hope to achieve :o)

  2. rusty duck says:

    All the best (better!) for 2015 Laura. It beats any resolution I’ve heard yet. It is the simplest, but also the most all-encompassing. Good luck!

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