the zip


Ah, the glamorous life of a zip-liner! Lots of fun, even though I don’t like heights. We did 12 lines of various length and speed, over streams, dry river bed and trees. We were well taken care of at each landing, clipped off and on to the line. I figured out, quite early on, that the helmet is to keep your head from making contact with the line, and the hair net is a lovely accessory.


It was even an interesting bus ride to and from the line, as we drove farther and farther into the rainforest. The trees weree lush, and there was thickets of bamboo along the road. Our tour guide was funny, informative (and a natural tarantula wrangler!) who even shared his marriage advice, along with a taste of spiced rum, on the way back to the resort!

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2 Responses to the zip

  1. woolythyme says:

    we did a zip line in Costa Rica….and I sort of looked like you, was feeling ok about the whole thing, until we got to the 1/2 way point……and we had to do a Tarzan rope swing!!!!!!!!!!!! I almost wet my pants.

  2. rusty duck says:

    Yeah! Go girl. That looks brilliant.

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