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Because it was only a whole Christmas late…but honestly, the delay was only due to the steeking and the zipper…there is a little bit of embarrassment mixed in with the pride! The knit was pretty easy, with some modifications. I … Continue reading

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up to there

I’ve gotten the sock to the ankle, and now I’m going to start the other one. My worry had been that by the time I finished the foot, I would have forgotten what I did for the calf, not to … Continue reading

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there’s a lot of white outside

The sun is shining and the dogs are sleeping in the sunny spots. I’m about to run off on another errand…February, I wish you had been a little warmer!

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best afternoon ever

The dog, he is snoring. He is snoring while napping on a blanket made by my grandma, and a blanket made by me. Sweetest dreams, ever.

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