love birds


I’ve missed having the birds at playable height (the bodies and heads are interchangeable and flipable), so while I was dusting the shelves before the house concert, I gave them their own shelf. It’s a lady bird and her mister, and I love expressing my point of view with them.

House concert?!? Why yes, I can now say we’ve hosted one of those, and it was absolutely amazing. Trying to determine if the house would fit the number of people invited (40) was the most daunting aspect; only slightly less the quandary about light refreshments for a party that size. But I shouldn’t have worried…

Fit, they did. Seated, even, thanks to the fact that the main floor is practically all one room. The music was featured by a trio of friends, teenagers all, who played a wonderful mix of classical, current and original compositions.

It’s so hard to describe; how exciting it was to finally open the doors to our guests, and have a whole hour of interesting, fun music, presented by such talented kids. We had no idea what to expect, but there was flute, accordion, violin, guitar, trumpet, and keyboard, along with beautiful harmonies.

The purpose of the evening was a fundraiser, the beginnings of which were started by an initiative from our church. Our minister declared this to be our Blessing Assignment, and she handed 10 willing volunteers $100 each to raise money for the charity of their choice. We took the $100, but decided not to make the beeswax candles like we had before; instead choosing to “do less work” (my words) and host a house concert instead. (Good decision!)

Ten dollars was the entrance fee, and the light refreshments were cheese, chips, wine and soda (finally decided on after overruling my mother-in-law!). At the end of the evening, the excited buzz assured us that it had been a successful evening; the collection (pie)plate totaling over $600 confirmed it! Elena had done a PowerPoint presentation at the beginning of the concert, announcing that the funds would support the Never Alone Foundation, which is a cancer care and support organization that is dedicated to supplying funds to people with cancer to make their lives a little bit better and a little bit easier. We also had a draw at the end of the evening for a Never Alone rose. The rose was developed by the Canadian Nursery and Landscape Association to be sold to generate funds for the Foundation.

A really great evening in all, and…

Everyone who came assured us that a backyard summer concert would be happily attended as well…so this may just be the first of many!

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3 Responses to love birds

  1. Bravo on your fundraising efforts.

    I LOVE your little birds :)

  2. rusty duck says:

    Oh that’s a lovely thing to do, and good fun too??

  3. Francesca says:

    so wonderful! what a beautiful event to host! that evening must have made all the time and hassle it took to build your house totally worth it!

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