only sunday

Loki is at the back patio door, trying to convince me to let him out in the rain, just so he can chase the fat robin away. Meanwhile, I’m trying to convince him that I want the robins in the yard.

The backyard planting included a Starlite crabapple (malus baccata ‘Jefstar’) in front of the living room windows. I was (am) hoping that planing the tree would deter the birds from charging into the windows, but I wasn’t expecting a robin to perch on the top branches and have a take-away lunch of the leftover fruit still hanging on the tree!

The weather this April has been so nice, you’d swear we’re half way through May instead. There are the smallest leaves on the crabapple, and I bet you anything I’ll have tulips in bloom by May…


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2 Responses to only sunday

  1. planetcoops says:

    Isn’t it lovely watching things start to grow!

  2. The whippets have been going bersek at pigeons here … it must be something in the air!

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