the milestones


I don’t know what I’m thinking these days.

I’m thinking that I was not expecting so many ‘firsts’ this spring.

For one thing, there is the daughter who turned 18. And all the wonky thoughts that go along with that, such as “am I old now?”

For another, there is the husband who has taken up woodworking. And made beautiful, useful furniture, which I took a nap on today, in the sunshine. On my deck.

And then, of course, that beautiful spring weather in April…not that that is a first, but the snow storm and subsequent freeze up on May long weekend was memorable.

Memorable because I’m working 5 days a week outside the house for the first time in 18 years. Same time frame as it takes for a baby to become an adult. Hmmmm.

Another first is the backyard that was there in the fall, but hello first spring with the backyard planted and I’m so excited, all I want to do is stare at crab apple blooms. And cherry blooms and saskatoon blooms. And I got the kitchen garden planted today and I just want to pet the herbs all day. And analyze the clover that is coming up from the seeding last week. The tiny clusters of two leaves, just sprouted.

I’m thinking that even though baseball season is not a first (far from it), what is new is how relaxed I feel about the season. Prepared, even. Strange, even.

Another first is the trip preparation to send the now adult daughter to Denmark for the dance festival she will be attending.

Is there more? Yep, the kids have agreed to clean the bathrooms, each once a week. Having a dirty kitchen does not bother me as much as a dirty bathroom. The combination of unexpected visitors and dirty bathrooms make me cringe. Which is not a concern anymore. Which is awesome.

Also a first is mornings that start so much earlier because of a hound who cannot sleep in. But thank goodness for seconds, thirds and even fourths of that wonderful thing called coffee. On my deck, on the couch, in the morning. A beautiful spring first.

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2 Responses to the milestones

  1. I have a daughter 10 years older than your daughter and am now a grandmother … I know I can’t be old enough for that, yet clearly I am … it feels like a huge milestone, but a good one, as are yours.

    I also have a husband who has taken up woodwork but he’s yet to make anything useful.

  2. Francesca says:

    i am too the mother of an adult son now! i still have to wrap my head around it! but, as all the milestones you write about, it’s a good thing!

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