the horseradish must be defeated

Same garden plot, same marathon planting session, same plan. Starting with the fabulous job Chadd and Elena did to get the allotment ready; the soil had been lightly tilled, the quack-grass around the perimeter had been controlled, and the ground was easily turned for planting. That was so nice, coming to the garden and being able to start planting right away.

Almost right away…last fall, I had decided that the horseradish must die. I spent hours digging out the horseradish, only to realize the roots go to China and are as thick as my arm. I made a huge hole in the process. This spring, the horseradish once again made an appearance.

The Jerusalem artichoke came up again, too. Thankfully, that is much easier to yank, but still taking up too much valuable growing space with no payout. I did not ever get any harvest from that plant, so out it went.


The milkweed gets to stay. In limited quantities, in a controlled area. I’m going to give it a little picket fence, and a few flower friends in the middle of the veggies, and let it be.

It’s going to be an absolutely gorgeous day, so me and five jugs of water are making a quick trip to the plot first thing this morning. Then a trip to Costco, then a casserole for supper, then a trip to the mall with Elena for a birthday gift purchase, then out to Beausejour for her baseball game. These days off of mine are not really days off, I just spend the time making up for whatever needs doing.

But I have a plan, and a whole day to do it in. And I have to go…24 tomato plants are waiting for their water!

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