the call is for rain


The rain just started tonight, but the forecast changed to predict the same for the next three days. I’m not ready for that much rain, but the garden is weeded, the front bed got most of the replacements planted, the mushrooms got pulled (again), and the grass got mowed. So I guess I could say I am ready. The pine that I planted last week was really in need of a thorough water, so that’s alright.

The weekend was pretty much perfect, with the planting getting done on Saturday, and the rest of the evening taken up with the Danish Mid-Summer party. The club was supplying hotdogs and drinks, and everyone else brought a potluck dish. (We brought pickled herring and a cheese plate because I didn’t have time to shop). The games were so fun and the company was great. The big bonfire at the end of the evening brought the hordes of mosquitoes, and we roasted marshmallows and ourselves along with it.

Today was the weeding, and I was happy to have gotten to it. The carrots are just above the ground, and don’t need the competition of other weeds. We cleaned it up pretty well, me and Chadd, even though it was Father’s Day, and it would have made more sense for him to be sleeping in!

Today was also the day that Chadd should have been showered with presents, but the girls were more interested in a day out, so we went to the Red River Ex. We toured the agricultural exhibition, watched the sheep-herding trials, and road the mid-way. It was a great afternoon all together, something that feels like it’s getting a little more rare these days. We bonded over chickens, the Zipper, border collies, and rides that flip you up-side-over. And deep-fried Oreos.

All so very, very good. (And who would have suspected that the girls get their thrill-seeking side from me?!?)

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