thought it was so far away

I’m looking at the schedule, and I’m completely booked until July 3rd. The documentation deadline for university is the 6th; a date I wrote on the calendar eons ago is suddenly, almost now.


We had a great day at work the other day; we were the fieldtrip for a group of school kids. We did a tour of the greenhouse and garden centre, showed them trees and taught a bit of Latin classification, and tree identification. We also had live bugs on hand, to talk about bad and beneficial insects. They also got to pot up a small impatiens, and shop for a plant. We also gave each a milkweed to plant at their school for their butterfly garden.


But so much has happened in the past few weeks, I’d look forward to a lazy day if I could get my hands on one. Sonja graduated…a proud, tear-inducing grad ceremony with my beautiful girl and her classmates. “Safe Grad” was exhausting but such a good celebration. And the prep is very much underway for her trip to Denmark.

Tonight, a Canada Day celebration; a belated birthday party for Elena; and cycling to work tomorrow, so that Sonja has a car to take the party kids home after the sleepover. Wishing I could convince the kid with the car to go strawberry picking for me so I could make jam on Friday.

So much, maybe I’m waiting for a lazy day next week…

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One Response to thought it was so far away

  1. woolythymes says:

    even those ‘lazy’ days somehow seem to get filled up…..step back and enjoy the journey!! :) Looks like one happy pup there!!!

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