seize the day (off)


Sometime Tuesday night, I inspected my lilies and I found some lily beetle larvae chewing away at the leaves. Lily beetle larvae are fascinating, because in order to chew away in peace and quiet, they have to cover themselves with poop so as not to be seen or eaten. I got a bag, snipped off the buggy leaves, and threw the bag into the firepit to be burned. Wednesday night was a beautiful night for a bonfire. My boss wished that I had saved the larvae, and brought them into work for photos. I’m just hoping I got them all.

Today was herb harvesting. I’m excited to be drying some for later, using the dehydrate feature on my oven. Parsley, sage, savory and basil. The sage, I like doing whole leaves so that I can “rub” it later. The powder form that I can buy in the store isn’t much use to me in the butternut soup that we like. I also planted four butternut at the allotment…but the garlic will have to wait until next year! I didn’t get any planted in the fall. The kale and dill are waiting for me, but that may be a Sunday project. Elena has softball provincials tomorrow.

Only a few more sleeps until Sonja leaves for Denmark. Family will meet her at the airport when she arrives, and after that, I’ll stop worrying. Until then, I’m edgy and tired, and occasionally feel like I’m going to dissolve into tears. But the rest of me, including the logical side, knows that this is such a great experience for her. And of course, not her first time in Europe or on an airplane! (I’ll be fine!)

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One Response to seize the day (off)

  1. rusty duck says:

    Lily beetle are not good. They are saved the trouble here because the mice eat the bulbs before they get a chance to grow :( Another of my favourites struck off the list.
    Your garden is looking great and so established already, love the evergreen corner.

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